The Next Generation of Diagnostic Wearables

Rizlab Health is transforming the diagnostic device ecosystem with their rapid and portable hematology analyzer, Cytotracker, creates a method for highly accurate diagnostics for COVID-19 and beyond.

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The Mechanical Destruction of COVID

The newly launched company, Shape Theranostics presents an ideal solution to mass disease prevention. CEO Irving Weinberg discusses the power of his magnetic microdevices for targeted mechanical destruction of coronaviruses and other diseases. 

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Paving the New X-Ray Frontier with KA Imaging

KA Imaging has taken a revolutionary step forward in the most significant screening method in the world: the x-ray. Their development of a dual-energy color x-ray technology, Reveal, is paving the way for enhanced diagnostic ability with portability and mobility.

Paving the New X-Ray Frontier with KA Imaging2020-07-27T17:50:42+00:00

A Robot for the New Normal with Akara Robotics

Many believe that robots are a long way away, but Akara Robotics is proving otherwise. With the launch of Violet, a UV robot clinically proven to kill germs and viruses, CEO Conor McGinn is making our new normal a real possibility.

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Transforming Care for COVID-19 with NuvOx Pharma

NuvOx Pharma has the potential to transform COVID-19 care with its NanO2™ emulsion for oxygen delivery. With approval from Health Canada to proceed with a Phase IIa clinical trial, NuvOx Pharma is making strong headway in COVID-19 innovations.

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COVID-19 Open Grant List

With the world singularly united in efforts to solve the challenges presented by COVID-19, there is an international call for research and innovations to fight the pandemic. Hunniwell Lake Ventures has compiled a list of active COVID-19 grants, globally sourced from governments and organizations, seeking a variety of solutions and reliefs.

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COVID-19 Start-up List

The uncertainty and chaos created by the COVID-19 pandemic have led to the international need for innovations to fight against the virus. Hunniwell Lake Ventures has identified numerous start-up companies across the globe that have pivoted to COVID-19 based solutions and reliefs and compiled them into a list which gives a short description and has been sorted by location and focus.

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