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The Future of Surgery with Richard Fang

June 16, 2020 || Co-Founder and General Partner Richard Fang speaks on The Future of Surgery at the F50 Global Capital Summit. The 2020 F50 Global Capital Summit, which was held online, is Silicon Valley’s largest international investor conference, and the theme this year was Elevating Healthtech Innovation. The Summit finds and connects the next generation of world-changing tech innovators with partnerships to power their long-term impact.

Video Brief

  • Intelligent surgical systems will make surgery more affordable and accessible in developing regions.
  • There are many players in the surgical field that are all similar in that they utilize a mechanical arm to hold surgical instruments. 
  • We are at the stage 2.0 or 2.5 (Med-pod being 4.0) at most in terms of advancements in medical devices. To move forward, we need to convert analog devices to digital devices. 
  • We can disrupt the current MIS Business in four stages: 1) sensors and power for all instruments, with intelligence to the operators, 2) smart instruments loaded with sensors and connectivity, 3) an android system shared among developers, 4) med-pod: a self-contained system for handling simple procedures. 
  • HLV’s mission is to make complex procedures easier, and simple procedures automatic.

Hunniwell Lake Ventures (HLV) is a Palo Alto-based VC firm that invests exclusively in medical devices. Its mission is to make surgery safer, more accessible and less invasive by investing in innovations that help surgeons visualize the operative field better, employ surgical tools using improved and advanced technologies to treat the patient, and ensure their speedy recovery through the best wound closure and tissue healing technologies available.